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30% of all sites now run on WordPress

30% of all sites now run on WordPress

Nowadays, WordPress content management system (CMS)  powers 30 percent of all sites on the web.

That’s according to W3Techs, a service run by Austrian consulting firm Q-Success that surveys the top 10 million sites ranked on Alexa. Its numbers are updated daily, and today it sees WordPress accounting for 60 percent of the CMS market.

WordPress has been in the lead for a good while now, with rival systems like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Google’s Blogger, and Squarespace trailing by a huge margin (Joomla takes the #2 spot with 3 percent of sites). Of course, it’s worth noting that 50 percent of all sites are either built from scratch or utilize CMSes presently not monitored by W3Techs.

That’s good news for the community of developers who build plugins and themes for the open-source CMS, as well as for web hosts who offer WordPress packages, and designers who offer clients WordPress-based sites and shops.

It’s come a long way since it first came into existence back in 2003, having forked into two versions: a self-hosted one that’s available for free, and a hosted option at WordPress.com that bundles additional services and support into its offering for ease of use. Given its massive user base and the community that supports its open-source development, it doesn’t look like it’ll be giving up the keys to the CMS kingdom anytime soon.