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About Us

Today digitization is a phenomenon that in one way or another draws us to spent a big part of our time  browsing the internet. In this way, being visible for a business is not just a requirement, but  a necessity. We are here to simplify your work.  AlbWeb started its activity in 2009 as an IT office in the profile of designing and building websites for businesses. Today we offer you a closed service cycle for your online identity, putting your projects in life. How is this accomplished? For us it is quite simple: thanks to a specialized staff, always looking for the best way to present your business online.

AlbWeb brings to the Albanian market all types of website typologies ranging from standard ones to B2B systems. Based on the need of your business, we provide for you: hotel websites with online reservation system, real estate websites, car rental websites with online booking system, tourist agency websites, auto-concierge websites, E-Commerce for online sales and B2B or B2C website systems.

Initially, we make a business analysis of the website that a business needs based on the requirements and using the web site experience for that business profile. Based on this analysis, we design a userfriendly and responsive page so that your image is as complete as possible online. In this way, visitors to your site will feel comfortable with it and will be able to access the information they need to get as short as possible.

Once your site is finished and launched online, we suggest an advanced marketing plan to attract as many potential customers as possible and increase the number of real-world customers. Based on what keywords you suggest for your business, we enable you SEO (search engine optimization), we can provide your site’s security certificates (https), implement Google Street View as the official Google partner as well as Google My Business.

Our mission is to utilize the current technology to be always in the same direction with technology development. For us it is important to be always close to our customers by supporting them in their online activity.

Our vision is to complete the variety of online services with specific  programs according the business profile.